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Affordable Restoration Work to Refinish Hardwood Flooring

If it's time to refinish hardwood flooring in your home or business, rely on the highest quality of restoration work you'll receive with New Image Flooring in Dacula, Georgia. Our methods are a sound alternative to replacing an entire floor if refinishing is an option. If you have water damage or your floors are in bad shape, a new floor could be necessary. Here are important details to consider about refinishing wood floors.

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Sanding and Refinishing Wooden Floors

Sanding and refinishing existing wood flooring is a great option to bring older floors back to life. It restores their original luster and charm, while often saving you money when compared to a full installation.

Time Estimates to Refinish Hardwood Flooring

The size of your floor determines the amount of time necessary for refinishing work. The amount of square footage, existing floor removal, furniture removal and stain color will determine the time frame necessary for your project. Our technicians will use a DCS (Dust Containment System) at no additional charge to our clients. Please contact us directly to schedule an on-site consultation to learn all of the details. We can also discuss any other projects you may have, including full kitchen & bathroom remodels.

Patching Versus Replacing

There are many other factors to consider when determining if you should refinish or replace a floor; an on-site consultation can address any of those factors. Damaged wood flooring caused by water damage or improper care often means in some cases your wood flooring may need to be replaced. Patching is a possibility in certain cases, but since the original wood is older, you'll never have an exact color match after patching is complete. This can cause the restored floor to look less appealing since patchwork will always look a bit different from the original flooring.